Our Vision is to be the enabling factor for embryonic technologies to become profitable companies.

We garner research ideas and entrepreneurial spirit and through collaborations, strategic partnerships and joint ventures turn these into separate successful corporate entities.

We conduct and provide Technology Evaluation, Due Diligence, Intellectual Property Appraisals, Licensing Facilitation, Technology Brokerage, Customer Introductions and Start-up Expertise.

To prove our commitment and to show that we pride ourselves in providing high quality consultancy services - we invest our own money.

Finance and Seed Funding is offered to the most viable propositions and in return we are looking for equity. This also allows us to further provide vital support and advice.

We are in some very exciting long-term projects and expect our portfolio to rapidly expand in the coming year. So if you are considering co-investing, looking for advice or have an opportunity you wish to discuss please contact Dr Khalid Shukri.