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Andrea graduated with a degree in biochemistry from University College London in 1991 She was subsequently awarded a PhD from the Medical Research Council in molecular biology specialising in parasitology. After joining the Whyte Group she focused on the development of a laboratory sales business and has advised the Group on the scientific aspects of its commercialisation strategy in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic markets. She has been involved in several consultancy projects, advising research institutions and universities on business and technology exploitation. Since joining Genacys she has been involved in the founding of Scionix Ltd. and the commercialisation of the technologies generated by the company. Scionix is now looking to enter several multibillion markets.

Dr Andrea Whyte
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Khalid graduated from University College London with an honours degree in chemistry. He then went on to complete a PhD in chemistry/material science from UCL in 1998. He started his career working at Capteur Sensors in Oxfordshire where he was part of the team that commercialised gas sensors, especially in the States and Europe. Before joining Genacys in May 2003, he was working in Virginia, USA where he was responsible for developing the business.

Dr Khalid Shukri
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